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terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016

My favourite new SHOES from Seaside


I went to Seaside to exchange a pair of shoes that I bought for my mother and they didn't fit her, so I got these. The last time I was there I looked at them and they were full price and I thought to myself "I would LOVE to get a pair of these!" at the same time thinking that they wouldn't come on sale till later on but for my surprise they were in SALES 50% off and I had to get them.
There are other colours and I almost wanted to get the pink version but it was a too light pink for me to keep nice and clean. I have a problem with light coloured shoes, they always get dirty really fast. But I still have to find a dark pink shoe for my collection and I think it will be this year because from what I could see there were a lot of colours there and I would buy them all! I'm a little addicted to shooOOoOES.

I thought these would be a bit hard to balance and also a bit rough on my feet but they are double padded - as many of the shoes I have bought in Seaside - making them really soft for my sensitive feet. Also, the sole is not entirely complete and I thought that would be negative but the only thing that might make a difference is when I'm driving, I need to be more careful angling my foot on the break the rest is just like a normal platform which is very comfy.

I love the gold studs and the black swede  just makes them look edgier, them that crazy soul just wraps it all together making them really fun to look at. I love having comfy shoes and when they can be attractive too I just need to have them.

I have a "display" - wall of shoes - in my apartment's corridor and I need to add two or three more shelves so I can buy more SHOES, If you are a shoe addict like me you will certainly know the feeling of wanting more colours and shapes because your collections not complete (it will never be complete - that is more correct to say!). I already have the shelving just need my boyfriend to help me (it's more vice-versa) installing it.

Just so you know: my legs are looking a little crazy because of my CAT, when she gets stressed out with the other cats and I don't help her get them out of our balcony she gets jealous and takes a bite. Those scratches are bites and not nail scratches. Also, I was pale and did not use this week the St. Moriz tanning mousse that I speak of in my May Favs on my youtube channel, if you want to go take a peek.

What is your favourite pair of shoes, TAG it to me on Instagram @nickapaulo .

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