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segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2016

My pets and FOFAS


My CAT is the most amazing creature I have ever had! 
I've had a bunch of cats in my life. Living part of my childhood and all of my teen years in a village here in Portugal, I have had the pleasure and luck to have had different domestic animals. I always loved CATs since I was very little. I still remember the happiness I felt when I received my first cat. At that time, I didn't know anything about cats, just that I loved them a lot. 
My first died really young and I felt really sad.When we got a new house I got a cat with it which has really fantastic because as an only child it's good to have other people and animals to grow with. 
This second cat I would treat her like a queen. I would bath her - BICHITA - brush, feed (sometimes like a doll) and even sleep with her (wich my mother hated because at that time I had breathing problems and she did make it worse). I still love her a lot and miss her but she died some years ago from old age. She was 23 years old.
I did have other cats in between, her sons and adoptive ones too but she was always my princess.
A little bit into going to university I got a dog but she died and I was very sad and even a bit traumatized from it. It was a very sad death and it still bothers me a lot.
When my boyfriend and I got an apartment we also got a cat and we called her: BIANCA. She came to us with 15 days which was very small so we gave her milk with a bottle and David - my boyfriend - was great with her. He had great "parenting skills" and I was very happy with that. When she was older, she became fearless and walked on top of our balcony we would have our hearts in our hands every time she did that. She was a very active CAT and did not like to be in the apartment so we decided to take her to my parents. She lived there like the queen, after BICHITA died. She would rule and no cat would enter without her permission, even dogs. She did live a shorter life but a happy one. You can really tell when a pet is happy in its habitat, being outside was just what she loved.

The cat you see in the pics, we got her a little after we left BIANCA at my parents. She was abandoned and mistreated so my mother brought her home and when I saw her, it was love at first sight so I brought her to the apartment and to show my boyfriend. I was a little afraid she did not like to be in an apartment as per normal pets like to be outside most of the day, but we had so much luck and FOFAS (my cat's name) loves being inside. Like all pets, she does go outside from time to time but she is so afraid of everything that after 10-15 minutes of eating some grass and sniffing she runs back home.

We do put a collar and a leash on her but she does not mind at all. She knows when I pick her collar that it's walking time and comes running.
The thing she loves most is laying in the sun on top of my working table and the second best is liking her fur until it's all shiny and smoth then me and my boyfriend rubb it and she is liking all over again.
I could not be happier for having this cat she is just perfect for us and she is a replica of me so I love her even more.I never thought I could have a pet so similar to me and that would love to stay at home as FOFAS does.
The thing that brakes my heart is that I do not have a little FOFAS. I'm going to miss her so much when she dies but hopefully, she will live a long and happy life with me!

I would love to hear about your pet(s) in the comments.

NickaPaulo / Author & Editor

My name is Nicka if you haven't seen the title, truely that is the shorted version of my name: Veronica. I have been writting for at least 12 years because I've been always passionate about it... This blog is a near twin for my youtube channel.


NickaPaulo disse...

Isn't she the fluffiest ever =D

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