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sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

Things I want to buy: Chloe Drew Sholder Bag in Grey


I've been eyeing this all Fall and Winter so after loving an item for so long I think I will finally get it. I always do this "game" with things that are really out of my budget ($1,560) not just to be certain I love it and will use it to death but also because it's a little less when it's in SALE if you don't know... I LOVE SALEs. I need to get a t-shirt with that written on it!

I always loved small bags and lately I've been loving shoulder bags so much. I used a clutch at a wedding and a handbag on Easter the rest of the time I've been rotating between four shoulder bags this whole year. So I do think this is just perfect.
Still a little torn between the mini and the small but maybe I'm getting the small just because of the zipper, what do you think?

I'm choosing the grey color because it's neutral and goes with everything but also because if it would be white or cream I would get it dirty really fast like the last cream bag I bought. Also, I did not want to go with black because I want it to stand out when I'm wearing it and I usually am dressed in black.

Now that I'm totally convinced it's my favourite I will be hunting it down and trying to get the best price I can.

What are you loving?

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This looks great!

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