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sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

Review: Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Ageing Foaming Cleanser

I LOVE Olay products and this one had a lot to offer by being a Foaming Cleanser with 7 in 1 Anti Ageing benefits, I just had to try it out.
I have dry to combo skin so I always gravitate to cream cleansers also loving some beads to exfoliate some of my nose blackheads

Olay Claims: Enjoy a luxurious way of cleansing your skin with Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti ageing Foaming Cleanser that imparts a glow to your skin and gives you freshness.
Washes Away Impurities Washing away impurities from the pores of your skin gently, this cleanser leaves you with super soft and healthy skin.
Removes Dirt, Oil and Makeup Get rid of every trace of make-up and dirt with regular use of this face wash that leaves you with fresh and clean skin.
Ideal for All Skin Types This face wash is ideal for all skin types and does not cause any rashes or skin irritations.
Gives Fresh and Younger Looking Skin Get a youthful look by cleansing your face with this face wash that endows you with fresh, firmer and younger looking skin.
Lifts away Dull Surface Skin Revealing radiant skin, this cleanser removes dull skin from the surface.

My Review: The packaging of this olay cleanser is a fuss-free plastic tube with a flip-top cap which is easy to use, carry and squeeze out. The face wash is pearly white in color, with a some blue beads. The cream does not foam up but it leaves your skin really smooth and hydrated. I only need a little bit to get a baby bum skin.  The beads are not harsh and leave your nose free from blackheads and skin prepped for makeup. I was not expecting to love it this much. My face was radiant, squeaky clean without being stretchy or dry and every tiny bit of makeup (concealer, powder, lipstick) had vanished smoothly. The fragrance bothers me a little bit but if you like clean smells this is just up your ally, if you are like me do not worry because it vanishes in a few minutes. My usually sensitive skin did not break out at all and lately, this is the only cleanser I have been using twice a day!

The pros:
Smart, sleek convenient plastic tube packaging with a secure flip-top cap
Smooth and creamy which spreads smoothly on damp skin
Easy to wash off- removes oil and makeup
Skin looks and feels hydrated, radiant, bright and healthy!
No drying out or stretching of skin
Did not break my skin out

The cons: The smell but not really

Rating: 4.5/5

Do I recommend? It claims a bunch and delivers it perfectly. It is great for all skins even my sensitive one without making it breakout and/or striping it . I will be repurchasing more when it ends. Do try it out, you will love it!

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