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quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2016

Getting back to Yoga


After some most needed vacations, a lot of eating and doing nothing... or almost nothing. Now I need to get back to my workouts and all of the activity I can fit in my day-to-day to get rid of some of this vacation weight.

I love doing yoga in the morning but it has been harder to do it every day, even though I miss it a lot and my body does too, I find myself gravitating towards other things like weight lifting and arms and when they are tired I do a bit more arms...
Working out for me, can't feel like a chore or I wouldn't do it anymore. So I always do what I'm feeling that day with the conscious of rotating exercises for each muscle area ass much as I can but lately, I've been feeling that it's harder to rotate and I'm just doing one type of exercise and/or muscle area.

Now that the weather is cooler and I can feel a breeze from time to time I want to start running outside which I know I love and get really addicted to. Also, I want to do some yoga that isn't 15 minutes "stretching style" at the end of the day, I want a hole one hour routine where I can try to get to the next level and do positions I have never done before and those that, at the moment, are really hard, get them to flow better and stronger/longer.
I want these two to come back to my daily routine and then rotate the weight training that I do.

I'm all about starting new and I do my best to grab all these year round dates (the end of long vacations) to start again and get to my goals because the year has not ended so I can still reach them.

You all out there that get a little down when the end of the year looks near, just get back on your feet and every 1st day of every month is a new start or even of every week (If you can view it this way) is a new start so grab it and get to your goals of this year.

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