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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2016

TV Series Review: West World


West World is a new TV Series which my boyfriend and I started watching this month.

I saw the trailer and it just calls to me so I had to watch. It is based on a movie from 1973 and has the same background story. I have not seen the movie but now I'm interested. It's my type of series, in the sense, it's a thriller/terror where there is not a lot of dull moments and the actors are amazing too.

The surroundings of the takes are almost all in the "play town" where people go to have adventures and experience things that they can't in real life. It has some science fiction behind it with the artificial humans that habit the "town".
The other scenes (until now) are in the lab with the scientists and tech guys which also is very interesting and gives us a look at their life and questions ours (if we were in a similar position). Also, the "God" position of the creator(s) is quite intriguing, of course, the actor that interprets God is one of the best in my opinion - Anthony Hopkins and just him makes the series much richer and interesting. But there is a cast of  actors that is "almost" as good.

You can't ask for more quality and I do think that at the moment there is no TV Series out there better. Of course, I still love Game of Thrones but it's not coming out at the moment and I also think that this is at the same level/could get to (because it's a baby at the moment) of elaboration and fantasticalness, it does have the field to grow far.

I do recommend vivadly, it's amazing. I would give it a 10/10 and let's see if it continues like this.

NickaPaulo / Author & Editor

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