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quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2016

One NEW Thing and More of the Same FAVS - HAUL


This would be a repetition haul if it wasn't for the:

1. HOURGLASS - Incandescent Electra highlight. I saw it discounted and I just had to buy it. I don't have anything in my collection with this much shine. It's not glittery, just shine city in a natural and beautiful way, giving you a natural glow. I also love using it on the brow bone. Just amazing (I'm really late for this one but I'm happy I got it).

2. The DIADERMINE face day cream is #5 or #6 that I buy. It's always on discount, the price is great for the quality and it gives me just the amount of hydration I need without breaking me out. It makes my skin glow and I love this brand.

3.Kylie matte lipgloss in KOKO K is very beautiful. As I talked about the kylie lipglosses in my October Haul this is just as good. The colour is a bit lighter but as pretty and opaque on the lips. I still obsessed with DOLCE the letters and design have faded so much from the wear. KOKO is a bit lighter so if you like light nudes that that is the one for you. These KYLIE lipglosses are my favourite lipsticks of all time and if I'm not wearing any of these, I'm must have on a lip balm from DIOR that you know I love.

4. A dark blue gel nail polish from HELLO for the coming Winter. I love my blues so I just had to buy this sparkly almost black blue. The sparkles are not noticeable but in the sunlight or lights, it shines beautifully. Another of these great gel nail polishes for my collection.

Would you like to see a Hello nail polish collection? What are your favourite buys of the month?

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