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quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

When I Started a Bullet Journal (LOST POST)


I just started bullet journaling and it's more complex than I thought... Well, I made it more complex.

If you want the how to a simple and fast bullet journal than there is nothing better than going to the creator site: Been there, done that LOL

I want to incorporate all the things I usually do daily and some extras, it's taking me some time to start it off and I will not be using it's "FULL POWER" because I started this week which is middle of the month and end of the year.

On Sunday, I did the year part:

  • Resolutions
  • Level 10 Goals
  • Bills
  • Movies of the Year
  • 4 Month overview
  • Recipe, Blog and Videos Ideas
And I even did a MANDALA and everything... I'm really proud of it because it came out cute and that light blue pen was "giving me the shhh treatment".

I still haven't completed yearly pages all but I did a pencil doodle. The most important part is the month pages because with my normal planner - I love it a lot - I was spending to much time on it per week. This way I can cut down my time with two trackers.

 A month tracker for all the little things I do daily and don't remember and another divided in two that tracks my ME TIME and HOUSEWORK or house chores. Like this, I just need to dot where I did it and not write everything down every day - as I did in the planner.

That leaves me a daily schedule that is more open and clean (because so many little things were taking up all the space and cluttering my mind) to write down the big things I need to get done. Now I can give attention to the important chores and also track my time so I can see where I'm using/loosing my time and re-organize every week as needed.

I'm trying to eat better and see where I'm over eating and there is just enough space on the weekly schedule for a meal log.

I took inspiration from:

You can see some similarities between their bullet journals and mine.  I'm loving it and I do feel I'm more productive with it but it's still very early to say if it truly works for me. (I will update you on that.)

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