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domingo, 13 de maio de 2018

Chrome Extensions I'm Loving


Hi, everyone. Today I have a promised POST that I almost didn't do because of the time crunch. I'm getting back into my schedule of making videos and blogging on a regular basis and that takes always some time to adjust, for me. But these are things I love and make me relax when I'm stressed so I need to find the time to do them to have a balanced life.

Starting with a Chrome Extension that I can't live without and that I always have opened to tick off a task is HEY HABIT. It is amazing and if you love lists or need to get some habits going than just install it for FREE because you will be amazed.

I've been using it for four months now and I'm so glad I found it because it has helped me gain new great habits and keeps track of my NEW HABITS I'm trying to create. You can use custom colours or the colours they offer and you can do add a list of task to the HABITS. It counts your habits in a row and you can view them on the metrics divider.

You also have a gratitude, photography, dribble and quote divider so you can arr what you are grateful for every day and see what photo, quote and dribble collection they choose for you on that day. I don't use the grateful area every day but when I do I always write 3 things and I read the list of things I already have because they save them with the date. It's really simple to use and I'm in love.

In an image more to the end, you can see my extension bar and you will not see HEY HABIT there. You can also see that in the blue button that says: Install Chrome Extension. I do have HEY HABIT instaled but it"unappeared" because I have MOMENTUM that also occupies the front page. But I can still access it here with my same account.

TRELLO is around for a long time and I have used it for some time but just for work. Now that I started using it for everything and going into the POWER-UPs like the Calendar, the Planyway, and others it makes all the difference for my life and much easier when I can merge everything and see how full my day is going to be.

Sometimes I do get overwhelmed but it helps to have everything planned out ahead even if I don't do exactly in that order or everything for that day. When I do I feel really good and productive.

I don't have a lot on my calendar because I didn't want to share my work stuff so I just didn't add it. It's very intuitive and easy to use.

You can use TRELLO to write your point's comment with your work colleagues, assign tasks to people, comment other peoples work and so much more. It's really a complete Extension/Site where you can organize everything in your life.

TASKADE is similar to TRELLO but I use it to divide different parts of my work and hobbies. Like TRELLO you can interact and assign tasks to people and they are notified but I like it more for simple writing without attachments or images when I need those I use TRELLO.

It also looks a bit cleaner and less crowded. That is why I use both for different things/areas.
TASKADE is also a Chrome Extension but similar to HEY HABIT it also takes the front page and I want MOMENTUM on that.

I installed MOMENTUM at the end of April but it is relaxing viewing the monitor with a big clock and a beautiful image. You can add a lot of more things to it like links, to do list, weather (I also have this one), bookmarks bar, search bar and more but I like to have it as simple as possible. It's simple and makes me feel ZEN when I get anxious about all the work I need to do.

I'm the type of person that has 200 tabs opened at once and even with ONE TAB that still happens from time to time but if you are like me and now your going to use that tab in the next hours or days and wants to store it but not permanently than ONE TAB is for you.

When I do some shopping and I don't want to add it to my cart because I'm undecided but I also haven't got the time to research about the item I'll add it to ONE TAB and add a tile to that list of things: To Research. Or if I want to see a video today but I need to start working I'll open start seeing it add the like and it goes to the list for me to finish seeing after I finish that day's work.

When I have some research things that are becoming overwhelming because I have 20 articles to read and 5-9 videos to watch then I put it all in ONE TAB and open one at the time to not feel so overwhelmed. That works every time with work stuff and I never lose any important article I need to read.

POCKET - I've been using for years, I use it in a similar way as ONE TAB but for everything you want to read and watch and not lose forever - years - Like tutorials, recipes, DIYs... It's not for the daily or weekly things but for the forever tabs.

Even now I'm using - GRAMMARLY - while I'm writing this post it's an amazing tool for English and not only it will correct your grammar errors, it also corrects your punctuation and much more.

I have learned a lot with it and I still have a long way to go. I do make a lot of mistakes more word related tan punctuation but GRAMMERLY has corrected and decreased my mistakes. It will also give you a status from time to time on how your progress is doing. All of this in the FREE version. You can also get a paid version for more. I'm very happy with the FREE version for now.

All of the Chrome Extensions and Sites are FREE, some of them have pro and upgrades where you can pay to have more features but the FREE versions are fantastic and the best thing you can install.

If I only had to pick one it would be HEY HABIT because it's the one I use the most during the day and it has made the most change in my life. But I can't go without any of them at the moment.

I do have some more installed but I don't use them every day. These I do and LOVE them because they make my life so much easier.

Do you want to see what Apps I have on my phone for ORGANIZING and OTHERS?

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