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domingo, 20 de maio de 2018

My spiritual Animal


I've been watching a lot of  Kalyn Nicholson and I loved this last video of her's, where she talked about various things but one got my attention: What is my spiritual animal?!

I did three different quizzes and I got 3 different animals:


The quiz was a bit difficult and not as clear but they have a clearer animal explanation here that I was a bit more to my liking. Still does not seem too similar to me and my character.


I was reading and I don't think my personality goes with this one click here to see. a bit better than the others but there are still questions that I'm torn between one or the other.
They also have a butterfly in their collection of insects, but they don't have a cat.
I wouldn't mind my spiritual animal being a black panther and after reading I think it's the most similar to me and how I feel. I do have a lot to learn about life still but I comprehend others really fast and know how to react to how they behave giving good advice. Do the advice is another different matter.


I think is the most similar to my personality click here to see. The quiz is the best between the three. I did repeat it just to see if it would be different but I got the same spirit animal.

My favorite was the CAT as I already own one. I think the description is more related to me, at least as I see myself. The BUTTERFLY is cute but the description is not as accurate and the bee is nothing like me, in my opinion.

If you are curious do the quizzes and leave me in the description what was your favorite.

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